Monday, December 22, 2008

Counting ESX Server storage paths

At a customer, we have been hitting with one of the built-in storage limits of ESX Server: you can only present up to 1024 storage paths to a single ESX host. Depending on your SAN topology, each LUN that you present over a fiber fabric uses 4, 8 or even 16 storage paths. You can check this using the esxcfg-mpath command:

Disk vmhba1:9:2 /dev/sdf (102400MB) has 8 paths and policy of Fixed
FC 13:0.0 10000000c96e8972<->50001fe15009264e vmhba1:9:2 On active preferred
FC 13:0.0 10000000c96e8972<->50001fe15009264a vmhba1:10:2 On
FC 13:0.0 10000000c96e8972<->50001fe15009264c vmhba1:11:2 On
FC 13:0.0 10000000c96e8972<->50001fe150092648 vmhba1:12:2 On
FC 16:0.0 10000000c96e8ccc<->50001fe15009264f vmhba2:12:2 On
FC 16:0.0 10000000c96e8ccc<->50001fe15009264b vmhba2:13:2 On
FC 16:0.0 10000000c96e8ccc<->50001fe15009264d vmhba2:14:2 On
FC 16:0.0 10000000c96e8ccc<->50001fe150092649 vmhba2:15:2 On

To count the total number of paths presented to a single ESX host, you can use the following service console command:

esxcfg-mpath -l | grep paths | awk '{ split($0, array, "has "); split(array[2], array2, " paths"); SUM +=array2[1] } END { print SUM}'

Probably the awk syntax can be greatly shortened but I am no awk/grep/sed expert :). Nevertheless, you can script this command into a cron job such that you can receive reports on whether or not you are hitting this limit.

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