Wednesday, December 26, 2007

MSI Utility released

The long awaited replacement for the SMS Connector has been released a few days by Microsoft. The MSI Utility can be used to convert a SoftGrid package into a MSI file that can be deployed using third party electronic software distribution systems. When executed, the MSI wrapper will import the virtualized application on a 4.1 SP1/4.2 SoftGrid client, thus allowing to run virtualized applications in situations where no "MCVAS" server is available. The MSI utility is no longer needed for the 4.5 beta release since the 4.5 sequencer allows direct saving of MSI files (compatible with those produced by the MSI utility).

Mixed-mode scenarios, such as using MSI delivery for initial deployment and streaming delivery for updates, is not supported.

The MSI Utility is freely downloadable from the Microsoft site. In order to use the MSI Utility, you need to upgrade your SoftGrid clients to versions or respectively. These versions, which will contain a set of hotfixes, will be released in the near future.

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